What makes this products so uniquely superior?

It starts with over 25 years of cross-breeding hemp strains to produce the most nutrient-dense plants on the planet, grown on our own farm using all-natural, sustainable practices.

These superior raw materials are put through our proprietary, whole-plant lipid infusion process that preserves natural cellular bonds and phytonutrient content. The result: the most efficacious full-spectrum hemp oil with over 4-TIMES MORE phytonutrients than competitive oils. 

We control 100% of the entire operation – from hand-cultivation to refinement in our lab – which provides traceability from seed-to-bottle and guaranteed consistency. 

Lastly, Functional Remedies uses respected independent labs to verify our claims regarding nutrient levels and efficacy of all of our products. This ensures you’re always getting the very best hemp oil products on the planet that deliver a true entourage effect for maximum results.